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Doctors and COVID19

Dr C. Palanivelu,Dr ...
16 Sep 0 Views
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How to write a scientific paper- a step-by-step ap...

Dr P Senthilnathan,D...
09 Sep 0 Views
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Dr Bhupinder Singh P...
07 Sep 0 Views
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Bio Statistics for Surgeons

Dr Avijit Hazra,Prof...
01 Sep 0 Views
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Framing of MCQs

Dr Tamonas Chaudhary...
24 Aug 0 Views
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Effective Mentoring- Be a Mentor Be the differenc...

Dr Tamonas Chaudhary...
16 Jul 0 Views
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Laparascopic Retro-Rectus Onlay Mesh (RROM) Repair...

Dr Kalpesh Jani
30 May 0 Views
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CT Assessment of Complex Ventral Hernias Simplifi...

Dr Eham Arora
30 May 0 Views
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Laparoscopic IPOM Plus Repair for Ventral Hernia ...

Prof M C Mishra
30 May 0 Views
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Laparoscopic TEP Hernia Repair Technical Tips

Dr Pradeep Chowbey
30 May 0 Views
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Laparoscopic TAPP Hernia Repair

Dr Deepraj Bhandarka...
30 May 0 Views
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Emergencies in Hernia Surgery

Dr Sarfaraz Baig
30 May 0 Views
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e-TEP Repair for Lateral Abdominal Wall Hernias

Dr C. Palanivelu
30 May 0 Views
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Laparoscopic Distal Pancreatectomy

Dr Rajesh Bhojwani
30 May 0 Views
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Laparoscopic Right Hemicolectomy for Cancer

Dr Prashant Rao
30 May 0 Views